About Girls Right the World

Girls Right the World is an international literary journal advocating for young, female-identified writers and artists. This journal values and promotes diversity of culture and expression. The editors are students at Miss Hall’s School in Massachusetts.


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Our staff

  • Anna Ngo

    Anna Ngo is a junior at Miss Hall’s School. She is from Vietnam. Her hobbies are reading, writing, painting nails and watching movies. This project is important for her because she wants to share her love for literature with everyone around the world.

  • Alicia Bravo

    Alicia Bravo is a junior at Miss Hall’s School. She is from Florida, and is self-proclaimed professional nerd. She enjoys reading, rainy days, vintage jewelry and too much honey in her coffee. Her writing is inspired by everything she feels and everything she wishes she felt.

  • Emily Pulfer-Terino

    Emily Pulfer-Terino teaches English and Creative Writing at Miss Hall’s. Additionally, she serves as the faculty supervisor for the creators and editors of Girls Right the World.